Buy Now: Peppercotton Crystal Knot Necklaces — A little bling is essential for any wardrobe and to get a dose of it this season, look no further than jewelry line, Peppercotton, for a taste of sophisticated glamour.

The brains behind the line, Aurelia Cotton and Patrick Culpepper, are unlikely accessories designers as neither majored in the field: Cotton chose apparel and Culpepper painting.

The design duo is quickly becoming known in the industry for their unique one-of-a-kind pieces, crafted from Swarovski as well as vintage crystals. Each piece is handmade which adds to the value.

There aren’t any flashy logos or ornate designs, but the pieces speak for themselves and can be worn in a variety of ways, whether layered or all alone.

Color is of the utmost importance to Cotton and Culpepper and each piece definitely shines. Functionality is also key and each necklace can be hand-washed as they are made of nylon mesh tube and then filled with the mixture of crystals.