Tue, July 2, 2013
Poking through Peppercotton‘s Fall/Winter 2013 collection is like entering a time warp. With bright neon jewels that look like jelly and bracelets with names like Fresh Prince, Leonardo, and Ninja Turtle, I was sure that I was back in kindergarten at Chuck E. Cheese’s—where this jewelry would be worth at least 5,000 tickets. Thankfully it’s still 2013 and you can pick up these Brooklyn-designed baubles at OC, no tickets required. When Patrick Culpepper and Aurelia Cotton met at RISD, they joined forces to find the donated Swarovski crystals they’d heard were on campus, and the rest is history. Their unique raver-chic aesthetic is achieved by putting soft mesh tubing around beautiful vintage crystals in all colors, shapes, and sizes for a never-ending glow-stick look. 

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