Peppercotton’s Exclusive “Lucifer” pieces make an appearance in the stunning music video for Peaking Lights “Beautiful Son”


Dazed Digital premieres the new video from husband & wife duo Peaking Lights making lush psychedelic melodies. Here we find out from the directors ‘LEGS’ – aka Georgie Greville and Geremy Jasper, and Aaron of Peaking Lights about the ideas behind the video here inspired by feverish dreams and haunting hallucinations…

“With this video I wanted to create a family portrait made out of fever dreams. Through cosmic loops and strange landscapes we were trying to capture the hallucinatory, floating sensation of young parenthood that the song so sweetly describes. It was perfect that Mikko’s favourite toy on set was unravelling the insides of Aaron & Indra’s cassette tapes” – Geremy Jasper

“Working with LEGS on ‘Beautiful Son’ was an absolute pleasure for us! We met them a few months ago on the west coast and were instantly in love with their work and vibes as humans! They went way beyond what we imagined, yet perfectly imagined our world. It’s such an honoir to have worked with them! Our dreams forever on screens” – Aaron, Peaking Lights