By Kristin Booker

Nylon mesh is a material that says “utility” more than “glamour,” don’t you think? And yet, what if you could take a material that’s used for millinery and turn it into red carpet-worthy jewelry? One designer has done just that, creating a whole new way to look at form and function. Meet Peppercotton.

The phrase “reduce, reuse, and recycle” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to this spectacular jewelry line. The concept is simple, yet fascinating: thin, colorful nylon mesh filled with dazzling loose Swarovski and vintage crystals. The results are 40″ ropes that can be layered to brilliant effect–either as long necklaces, or wrapped around the wrist as eye-catching arm accessories.

The best thing? Combining the pieces creates an endless variety of accessory options, since the colorful stones and mesh are gradient (their hues run from one end of the color spectrum to the other–say from blue to green, or red to violet). The more you pile them on, the more sparkling the light-refracting properties become. With so much glamorous length per item, it could take you years of black tie functions to exhaust all of the possibilities.

The transformation of nylon tubing into an accessory that turns the wearer into a walking light spectrum, a glittering work of art? That creativity makes Peppercotton Character Approved.