The fashion industry is relying more and more on innovation instead of recycling trends because the demands are changing. Peppercotton is something of a symbol of this drive towards innovation. Peppercotton was formed by two revolutionary designers known as Aurelia Cotton and Patrick Culpepper. The two designers are graduates from the Rhode Island School of Design with Pepper specializing in painting and Cotton studying apparel. However, despite not having any formal training in jewelry design, both the designers one day stumbled upon the underlying concept of Peppercotton and, subsequently, realized that the idea had oodles of potential and applications.

The result of this serendipity was the creation of Peppercotton for the marketing of mesh and crystal necklaces that are entirely groundbreaking in the way that they are not different to any existing fashion accessory in the market. Peppercotton necklaces can be oversimplified and explained away as crystals stuffed in nylon mesh tubing. However, the concept is not as easy as it seems initially because it involves extreme intricacy and artistic manipulations to create the right gradient in the necklaces. Peppercotton necklaces are made by careful filling of nylon mesh tubes with a specifically created mixture of Swarovski and vintage Czech crystals.

The two designers treat their work as an art form which has resulted in every piece being one of a kind. Every piece is unique because every piece is handcrafted with care and deliberation. The artistic aspect of the creation of Peppercotton necklaces is the careful moderation of the use of crystals in terms of tones, crystal size, shape and pattern. Pepper and Cotton state that since the creation of such necklaces requires so much investment of time and effort, every single necklace is like a piece of art or painting. The applications of Peppercotton necklaces, owing to their originality and the precise method of their creation, are truly vast. Long Peppercotton necklaces can be worn in one loop, two loops or even in multiple loops on the wrist to create looks that range from subtle to bold.

The real component of Peppercotton necklaces and the actual facet that is manipulated by the two designers is nothing but the colors and the layering of every individual necklace. In fact, their ability to play with color is precisely what brought these two designers together and gave them the ability to create such a revolutionary and unique collection. Furthermore, since these necklaces draw their color and hence beauty from the crystals inside the tubes, they can be worn with different outfits. In different words, these necklaces hold the potential to complement virtually every outfit because of their ability to change colors as and when required. Effectively, a single Peppercotton necklace has the potential to be worn in hundreds of different ways.

In addition to this, Pepper and Cotton also state that they function on the basis of three tenets, namely simplicity, functionality and versatility. The practicality aspect means that Peppercotton necklaces are so sturdy that they can be hand washed with normal soap and dried in the open air as well.

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