Ever since we discovered them a few months ago, we’ve been wearing our crystal meshPeppercotton necklaces non-stop. As well as going with everything, the non-stop deluge of compliments we receive never fails to lift our spirits. And now, just as we were craving something a little more summer-y, the design duo delivered yet again – this time with ocean blue and copper crystals and a sailor’s knot style that adds a conversation-starting twist to the necklaces’ already unique spin on glitter.

Like the original necklaces we featured, this trio is made of Swarovski and vintage Czech crystal — but because the designers are now working with a finer and more transparent mesh, they’ve been able to use a much larger range of crystal shapes and sizes in their one-of-a-kind pieces. “We can pair smaller stones (that would have fallen through our previous designs) with larger, more interestingly cut crystals,” explain Aurelia Cotton and Patrick Culpepper. “We have more control over the transitions and the gradients are more complex and dynamic throughout each piece.”

Though we still get a kick out of wearing the unadorned necklace in multiples for a sort of wave affect, this new textural appeal is brilliantly highlighted in the sailor’s knot version. And how’s this for a background factoid: Sailors used to use this hefty knot, which is known as a monkey paw, as weapons in tavern brawls in the nineteenth century. We love that it’s been given new life as an accessory to style rather than crime.

Curated by journalist, marketing expert and founder of Purple Lab, Karen Robinovitz, who loves to rock multiple necklaces at the same time to glam up any outfit.